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Jul 28, 2004
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I'm taking this path microbio class this semester, but I can't figure out how to go about studying this material. Reading the text doesn't seem to help me absorb because I don't have an outline for the material.

Currently, I'm studying I feel that every pathology I come across, I need to ask the following question:
* What is the nature of the bacteria?
* Epidemiology and how it is transmitted?
* Diagnosis. How is someone diagnosed with a certain pathology
* Treatment. What kind of treatment are effective and ineffective toward a certain pathology.

Are there any questions that I'm missing?

I figure if I can answer these questions for all the pathology/pathological organisms that are taught by the professor, then I will be okay. However, it is sort of hard to memorize and sort this material?

Any thoughts/suggestions/strategies on how one can go about understanding pathological microbiology? How do you study for this course?
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