Medical How bad B's during transcript repair affect me?

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Mar 12, 2013
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I am a college junior working on transcript repair after a very bad sophomore year and many withdrawals due to now-well-controlled extenuating circumstances. I plan to apply in summer of 2022 after graduating in fall of '21.

I have been mostly getting A's but am going to get a B in a 4-week summer school class that just ended. My GPA for the year so far is working out to be about a 3.7, so not bad. I don't recall context, but I remember a specific ADCOM giving reinvention advice to someone and saying they needed to get all A's for transcript repair and B's wouldn't cut it anymore.

Is mostly A's and a few B's still effective transcript repair? I know this sounds awfully silly which is why I am asking on Confidential Consult.

Take care and stay safe!
It depends on how bad your GPA is.

One B is not going to kill you, but you should be making 95% A. You are basically needing to show that you can cut it in medical school courses.

That's a great point. Thank you so much for your help.

As of today, my sGPA is 2.75 and cGPA is about 3.1. My sGPA actually went up a wee bit as a result of this class to that 2.75.
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