How badly did I shoot myself in the foot?


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Jul 14, 2009
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I had a pretty reasonble freshman year. GPA is just short of a 3.5, and my science gpa is at 3.2ish, got a B in both semester of bios, and an A in my first semester of general chem and B in second. No big deal. Lots of easier science electives later on to bring it up.

-Took first semester physics over the summer at a CC, and got wrapped up in 2 jobs and woke up one morning with a C. Didnt have enough time to bring it up. Now I have a C in physics at a CC. ugh.

Bottom line, how badly did I shoot myself in the foot here? My advisor said ti was cool for me to take physics at a CC as long as I got an A... I didn't even come close. Not making excuses but there were other forces at play such as my teacher being a ***** and my lack of any time to do... anything. Both could have been corrected by me. That notwithstanding, my GPA will be decent but not stellar, DAT I expect will be good, and I am more involved on campus than any other pre dental student I know, period. I will be applying to all 3 texas schools as well as some out of state "reach" schoosl like Columbia, UoP, UCSF, etc...

Do Dental schools look at transcripcts grade per grade? Or are they just going to look at the final numbers for Sci gpa and Ovr. GPA? Will they look at my transcript and frown upon getting a C while taking the easy way out of physics, or just see a good science gpa (which I still hope to have, when its all said and done) and leave it at that? Just looking for some reassurance here...

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Jun 11, 2009
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Some will look at grade per grade, they especially look at course load and trend of performance. One C on your transcript isnt going to kill you. I had a friend get in this last cycle who got a C in physics, along with me! Physics was my hardest science and its notoriously known at my university as being a gpa killer! I did take it at a university though. I dont know how it will look since you took it at a CC. If your overall and science gpa are still intact, which Im sure they will be, you'll be fine.


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Sep 17, 2008
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i had a c in chem and got in.. .never retook it.
but got As both semesters of orgo. dont know if that matters....

also gives a **** about hpysics! jk...

i think its fine as long as the rest of yourtrasncript is solid!
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