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Jan 8, 2001
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HI! I've recently heard that two polish med. schools (one in krakow and one in pozan) have four year m.d. programs that are taught in english. This is obviously targetting the american and canadian students who are forced to look elsewhere than the U.S.
However, if one were to have family there, does anyone have any news/info about whether considering either of these schools is a possibly good idea or a bad idea? The schools boast high usmle I & II pass rates...but how believable can these be? since i have family in poland, this may be a better investment than a carib. med. school...i think.


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Aug 24, 1999
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I also considered a Polish school, but because the patients speak Polish, you need to be able to as well. I was told that they were quite a bargin (I was told about $5,000 for tuition over 4 years). Check with the Polish Embassy or Consulate for more info on these school. And as with all non-US schools, caveat emptor!
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