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How can I add something to my application?


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Jan 19, 2002
Land of Enchantment
    So I turned in all of my secondaries about 2-3 weeks ago. I was talking to my uncle, who is a radiologist, about medical school. I told him that I applied to the University in his city where he is located and asked him what he knew about it. He told me that my aunt (his wife) is an associate professor there!!!

    She is a pediatrician in the area. I should have called and found this info out before I submitted but I didn't. Ouch!!!

    So my question is how can I put this information on the secondary application at this school? If I call them will they fill it in for me??? Or am I just SOL bigtime?

    Please let me know! I am in dire need of direction.+pissed+


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    Jul 13, 2001
    anchorage, ak
      Did their secondary ask about your affiliation with the school? If so, and you left it blank, simply write them a letter and tell them you forgot to include this piece of information. Any written correspondence you have with the school will be placed in your file. If they did not ask, then maybe you don't need to let them know.


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      Aug 28, 2002
        You should send a written notice.

        However, I am not sure if having an aunt associated with the school would make a difference. I asked the admissions dean for UNC about this and she said that "Immediate" family is only factored into admissions....cousins, aunts, uncles...would not be considered immediate family.

        Anyways, it's worth a shot.
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