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How details I need to write for description in "experience" section


Full Member
Feb 23, 2015
  1. Pre-Medical
    I just wonder how much detail I need to get to when I write the description of "experience" section in AACOMAS.
    For example, if I volunteer an activity one day each year, should I list that date out? eg. I volunteered at XXX on 9/14/2012, 9/10/2013 and 9/10/2014

    I can be very specific because I don't want schools feel I am making something up. So I want to give them very accurate description.

    But will it read annoying? Do schools really care about the dates? Then how much specific I need to get into?



    Full Member
    Oct 14, 2014
      I would put it as volunteer at xxx and list date thought years, then make sure to clarify in explanation it was one day per year. It was an ongoing activity- I wouldn't interpret this as being untrue, as long as you are making this clarification. Many people volunteer for organizations that have one event per year- it's not untruthful to say it's an ongoing activity, again, as long as you clarify, as well as list your purpose and responsibilities on this particular day.
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