How did you thank your LORs?

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Oct 24, 2017
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I'd like to reach out to my 3 LORs to say thank you but I'm always the worst at these types of things lol. Asking for the letters to begin with was a bit awk since I hadn't spoke with my 2 favorite professors in years (had to email them) and my optom LOR literally travels the globe (also had to email) so I was hesitant about her having no time. Turns out she wrote me the best letter I could ever ask for.

With doubts aside, I don't live near any of them and was thinking of emailing them thank you along with giving them an update on the school I chose to attend.

To be frank - is this tacky? Are they really going to mind or are they expecting hand written letter with gift?
I was also thinking gift card sent via email however I feel like that's kinda on the fence too lol. Is it just me?

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Sep 25, 2016
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Gift card?
Yea that is too much maybe..
Believe it or not, professors and doctors write these kind of letters all the time. If they dont feel that someone is deserving of their recommendation or that they dont know you well enough to write you one, they simply let you know that.
The fact that they wrote you these lettets means that the letters are well deserved and that they were comfortable enough writing those for you.
I emailed all of my LOR writers a very thourough thank you along with the news of my acceptance into the program. They were all very happy and responded positvely.
I am also planning to bring sweets (donuts or something) for one of my professors to celebrate my acceptance and to thank him for his letter, but thats only because i did research with him for so long and spent so much time in his lab.
In your case, i think the emails would suffice!
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