How difficult is it to get a job, particularly as a medical social worker?

Apr 26, 2012
Okay so the general question is this: How hard is it to get a job as a MSW? I'm not interested in going into private practice and having my own private therapy sessions. I just want a long, fulfilling career that doesn't involve me having to manage my own company/business.

In particular, how hard is it to get a job as a medical social worker as a hospital or hospice or medical clinic? I have a friend who is currently getting her MSW with a concentration on health services and she interned as a hospital as a medical social worker, though she told me the hospital won't be hiring her full time upon graduation.

I decided to look up "medical social worker" on job websites, and it appears that almost all of the positions are per diem. Per diem was a bit ambiguous to me, and I couldn't find too much information about it. I've read some forum posts elsewhere that per diem can mean either no work for 6 months, or work for 1 weekend per month, or 3 hours a month. This is pretty frightening if you ask me. Of course, they're just forum posts from other sites so the credibility is questionable. So that's why I'm posting here to see what you all have to say about it :)