Medical How do I decide how to rank Texas medical schools?

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Oct 14, 2011
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Hi yall, I have just been fortunate enough to be accepted into Joint Admission Medical Program (JAMP), a state-funded program that allows financially disadvantaged students an almost guaranteed acceptance to 1 of 10 medical schools. This means that I will receive 10 interviews from texas medicals and must rank them and they rank me to decide where I will attend.

Since being accepted I have been overwhelmed with the possibility that my average GPA of 3.67 and MCAT of 509 have opened doors to all these great medical schools especially Baylor. Now I have been wondering how to rank the schools since my MCAT is higher than other JAMPERS ( the medical schools must compare the JAMPERS to each other and offer a limited amount of seats from the JAMPER pool) and interview may be online. Please help me decide and give me the criteria on which to base my direction. I have not visited any medical school before and am completely clueless. Thank you very much.
Do your homework. If you cannot physically visit the schools, talk to students at those schools, especially those who came from the JAMP. You have to rank based on your preferences and we can't do that for you given your guarantee at all the schools.
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