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Medical How do I improve science GPA?

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Jun 11, 2010
Somewhere west of St. Louis
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Hi there!

I recently graduated from college and got rejected from medical school for the 2020 application cycle. I was able to speak with an admissions director and they told me that the reason for my rejection was my low MCAT score (505) and my low science GPA (3.2). I am planning to retake the MCAT in July and expect to do better, so this is not a concern for me. However, the admissions director suggested that I enroll in graduate-level science courses this summer and fall to increase my science GPA and prove I am ready for the rigors of medical school. Unfortunately, I am having trouble finding available courses that are not entire masters programs. The issue with doing a full masters would be that I would have to wait until very late in the 2021 cycle, or, more likely, the 2022 cycle to re-apply.

The situation is very frustrating because the reason my science GPA is so low is because of one D. I retook the course I got a D in at the same institution that summer and received an A. Other than that one blip, I never had below a B in science classes, so this feels a little harsh. However, I was informed that there aren't really exceptions and I need to prove that I am ready for medical school classes by improving my science GPA.

If there are any graduate-level (preferably online) courses that I could take beginning as soon as this month or in July, I would love to know about them. Or, if there are any suggestions in general about how to proceed, I would really appreciate them. I am really eager to start medical school in 2021 because other than those two issues, my application is not only good, but already ready to be submitted.

Thank you so much for any insight!!
One D dropped you to a 3.2? That sound like your GPA still wasn't that high to begin with, or it was something like a 10 credit D?

What were your year by year GPAs?
Read this:


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Mar 12, 2013
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Your GPA can be increased by what we call a DIY post-bac. Basically, you take science courses to increase your GPA. Your other option is an SMP (special masters program). These are usually run through medical schools and you take courses alongside medical students to basically show that you can hang with the medical curriculum. Both of these options are going to take you a year to complete and you will need to crush the courses you take.

Your main issue is your MCAT. If you increase your MCAT, your chances at DO schools will be better. For MD, you will need to raise your GPA to at least 3.5 (pending a strong MCAT score). Good luck!
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