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How do medical schools look at taking classes twice ?


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May 23, 2005
  1. Medical Student
    Hi I took most of my pre-reqs at a community college 5-6 years ago.
    I took:
    Bio I - A
    Bio II -A
    Chem I - A
    Chem II - C (had a prick professor)
    Physics I - B
    A & P I - A
    A & P II - A

    I decided to change careers and try for medical school and when I talked to the pre-med councelor she told me that med schools do not look favorably at pre-reqs taken at a community college.
    I am taking Orgo I this semester and I have a high A so far. Next semester I plan to take Physics II and Orgo II (if I can squeeze them in).
    MY question is if I retake the two Gen Chems and the two Bios at a four year college how will they be looked at from med schools. Will they look at them in a positive way, showing that I can keep up with the diffculty level of a four year college, or will they look at them in a negative way that I have had to retake the pre-reqs cause I got nothing out of them in the first place.


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    Oct 4, 2003
    1. Attending Physician
      I have multiple acceptances despite having re-taken my prereqs some 7-8 years (at least) since I first took them. I have a sad undergrad GPA but an excellent post-bac GPA.

      So it can be done. Keep in mind, though, that not all med schools will look at this sort of thing favorably. Yes, I've done rather well, but over 1/3 of my school list have had my complete application since August and have not sent me anything. Perhaps not coincidentally, the "no response" list has a number of very well-regarded schools in it.
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      Nov 19, 2004
        If you want to have a decent shot at scoring well on the MCAT (28+), I'd suggest you retake the courses. Keep in mind that on MCAT, you'll be taking the test with folks who had the preqs within a few months to years of sitting for the exam AND who have also taken a prep course.

        For the nontrad, I think the admissions game is ALL about the MCAT.


          Wassup! I grew up in Bradenton!....alright, say hello to anna maria island and the sun setting over the gulf of mexico for me...man, to be a kid again...

          Yeah so of course it would be favorable and it would help with the MCAT as 1Path said. But I wouldn't think you would have to repeat everything if you're good at independent study you could prepare on your own for the MCAT in addition to a prep course. The thing is to prove with a combination of MCAT and class work that you can handle it. And you're doing amazingly well.

          I went to a pre-med conference with some dean of admissions in Cali, and the consensus seemed to be that they realize not everybody can complete their pre-req course work at a 4 year school but as long as you could prove your success was not the result of a lightweight course by either following it up with good science grades at a 4-year school or by slaying the MCAT then you're good to go. But I suppose the short answer is yes its more favorable to complete them at a more reputable school. Good Luck!--Ben.
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