Medical How do schools balance SMP and undergraduate GPAs?

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I feel like I have heard 1000 different explanations for this and would like brutal honestly for how they weigh SMPs with less than stellar undergrad. Super strong upward undergrad trend with 3.21 cumulative and 3.74 SMP from well known and reputable one
Every school weighs things differently. I don't have a "brutal" answer for you besides that your SMP performance is great but not stellar, and depending on myriad other factors you might have a chance of admission.


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Basically, they are trying to see if you can hang with the medical students. A 3.74 is pretty good and I think it’ll serve you well in your application process (assuming you have a well-rounded application otherwise).


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The schools that reward reinvention weigh the SMP as if it's the cGPA.

Yet even at my school, which has had an SMP for a number of years, there are interviewers who will still try to reject our own SMP graduates because they say "low cGPA...did poorly in college".

And then we have to smack them and say "Look how they did in the MS program!!!"

I really didn’t do poorly in college. I had 3.95 over past 4 years but I failed out at 18 due to my moms coma who passed away last month. I have tons of volunteer work with hospice too. I was hoping they would see upward trend last cycle with 515 mcat but no luck. Hopefully they don’t get caught up in their averages and medians. I’ would be nearly as good of doctor had it not happened. Goro you’ve been super helpful too along this process I appreciate you answering so many of my posts haha. Not getting in last cycle left me feeling pretty neurotic this cycle.
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