How does an Ain Shams Med Student take the USMLE? Pls HELP!

Discussion in 'Africa and Middle East' started by ~Rana, Jan 4, 2009.

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    I'm currently a 3rd year med student at Ain Shams University in Cairo and I want to take all the USMLE steps and apply for a residency in the USA successfully inshAllah. My thoughts are all over the place...where do I start? I have an idea about the USMLE steps, but I have so many questions. So if you've gone through this process, I'd appreciate it if you could help me out. I just need to draw out a plan or timeline for the next few years so that I can go through this and still try to maintain my sanity.

    1) What are the best times to study/take each of the steps? I was planning on studying for Step 1 during the summer after 3rd year (Summer 2009).

    2) What books proved to be successful for you? Comprehensive books, books for certain branches etc. Pls arrange in order of importance. Can you get these books in Egypt?

    3) The BIG question (pls be as detailed as possible): After you take the USMLE's what else do you need to do??
    a) What do I need to hand in to the ECFMG? (not sure if I even have the right letters for the association, but apparently they take your Egyptian M.D certificate and authorize it so that you can apply to US residencies?)

    b) What are electives? Are they required? When do you do them and how do you apply at US hospitals?

    c) How do you prepare yourself for residency interviews and make your "resume/transcript" look qualified enough?

    d) Is there anything else that I need to keep in mind?

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    Hi Rana,
    Before any move ,master your 3rd yr stuff so well..I am a bit ahead of you on the USMLE road ..Trust me ,everything you study well in the college help you so much when you are preparing for the steps..UNDERSTAND the stuff well..

    Regarding the timing of the steps;the coming summer will be awesome to start reading step 1 material..Lock yourself up in home ! no vaCation ! just off days from time to time ..

    The recipe for books is the same around the globe...Kaplan notes plus Goljan pathology..Get 2007 DVDs ..Im pretty sure that you can get it for free from your friends at Ain Shams..If you can't ,I ll tell you where you can get them for free !

    Although I recommend to work your tail off this summer,I don't recommend to take your exam right away !!!
    Basically the 3 months of the vacation aint enough to be done with your prep and if you took some months from our 4th yr to finish off your prep and take your exam ,this wouldn't be the right call ..If you still don't get this point I ll explain it further..

    Electives are rotations done in the US university hospitals..counted as United States Clinical Experience(USCE) ..Yah it is crucial ..They ask for them in the interview of the matching..You are eligible when you are last year med student..So you are gonna apply for it when you are in your 5th yr..

    You are asking about titles of threads ,Rana :D:D:D:D
    So you ll have more and more Qs
    Feel free to ask
    Access the thread I PM you..

    Best wishes

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