Medical How does AP credit work with medical school requirements?

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Oct 14, 2011
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Hello everyone, I had a quick question. I tried to google this question/ ask advisors and friends, but I feel like I'm getting a lot of conflicting answers. So basically in highschool, I got ap credit for biology and psychology. I was wondering if I could use that credit for med school requirement biology class + lab and psychology credit. I would like to note two things: 1) I am a chemistry major, so my curriculum will not be based upon taking lots of advanced biology electives and 2) I am taking a genetics class right now which should make up for my biology requirement just in case medical schools don't accept my ap credit. I do not plan to take the genetics lab course, so if they don't accept my ap credit will I have to take my genetics lab course later? thanks for the help i appreciate it a lot.
It will depend on the school. The programs I have been involved with will accept AP credit. For biology, we will also expect taking upper-level biomedical science classes. If the undergraduate institution accepts it and places it on the transcript, we'll take it.
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