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Sep 28, 2009
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Hi, I'm not applying to medical school for another year but was curious as to how AMCAS worked in terms of grading. So I go to George Washington and most courses are 3-4 credits. However, last summer I took a course at UPenn, and for that course, I earned 1.5 units (equivalent to roughly a 4 credit course at my university). I was curious about when I fill out the grades for my AMCAS, would the class I took at UPenn would it just get a value of 1.5 credits when on my application and be calculated as such (for example I got an A- so would the calculation be 3.7 * 1.5) or would the class I took be scaled up and calculated as a 4 credit class.
it is hard to say exactly what will happen, but according to the AMCAS application guide:

"Your AMCAS application will automatically convert most undergraduate credit hours (also known as units, hours, etc.) to either semester hours or supplemental hours based on conversions provided by undergraduate institutions. Again, indicate your credit hours or units exactly as they appear on your transcript. Do not attempt to enter conversions based on the Grade Conversion Guide or any other conversion method"

In other words, this will depend on how your undergraduate institution classifies credit hours.


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Mar 12, 2013
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It will be converted.

I took courses at many different colleges/universities. Some schools were on semester and some quarter schedules. When I input the grades into AMCAS, you could state quarter or semester units and it was calculated accordingly.
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