Medical How does it work for twins applying to the same MD and DO schools?

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Oct 14, 2011
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    Hi all,

    My twin brother and I are pretty close and we basically do everything together. We study together, work in the same environments and volunteer at the same local community events.

    I was just looking for everyone input on this question. How would you view two candidates, with the same last name, who have basically the same undergraduate GPA of like a 3.99, and very similar EC's ( we haven't taken our MCAT yet).

    We have chose to conduct research in different areas. Additionally for our clinical exposure, I am starting to work as an ophthalmic medical assistant. Optimally, should he perform another job such as medical scribe in the ED department or something like that?

    I only ask because at some schools, I have heard that they either choose to not look at the applicant's names when reviewing applications or they "hide them". I am not sure about the validity of this and was just curious.

    I ask this because we would prefer to go to the same medical school but obviously not necessary. Because of this situation, should we apply to different MD and DO schools?

    Fun little question on Friday. Hope everyone has a nice memorial day weekend and stays safe!
    The admissions staff will probably know how to handle this situation. You both won't have the same AAMC ID for starters, and AAMC will do a good job keeping your records distinct. You aren't the first siblings or identicals to apply to medical school, and I've had siblings join the same entering classes before (and some that have split). You'll be treated as individual candidates regardless, so don't try to do something just because the other isn't doing it.

    Now some schools will redact some information for screening purposes, but I'm not sure they remove names (surnames probably but you never know). In the end the full admissions committee needs to see all the information.

    One thing I did do is deliberately schedule siblings for separate interview dates whenever possible, and if you both do get interview invitations, I'd be sure you took different dates. Yes, you can bring it up later that your sibling is also applying or had also interviewed. But this way, you can each be considered on your individual merits and not be a distraction on interview day.
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    Mar 12, 2013
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      I will leave the majority of your questions to be answered by the other admin experts on here, but I do have a quick story about this, haha.

      I know of one situation where sisters applied to the same medical school and the medical school mixed up their applications resulting in the wrong applicant being accepted, and the other not. Another situation was the same as yours and the same thing happened. One was accepted (the wrong one). I am not sure how this happens, but it seems like a lack of attention to detail could hurt you. The chances of this happening are probably super low, but I just wanted to share it.


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      Oct 27, 2013
        Want to add an anecdote: local medical school to where I am just graduated identical twins together. Since you'd like to go to school together and have apparently the same stats, then arguably you're just as competitive as one another. Therefore you will be competitive or not at all the same schools. Applying to the same schools, MD and DO together shouldn't cause any harm and increases your chances of getting in together.

        Good luck
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