How hard is opto school, compared to undergraduate university & Medical school ?

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Jul 12, 2005
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How hard is optometry school, compared to an average undergraduate university & average Medical school ?

I would guess medical school would be alot tougher, and lot of my friends tell me medical school is 4 years of hell.

As for undergraduate university I am getting it is easier then average optometry school, but how easy ?

I need to know how hard studying would be so I can plan ahead.


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Feb 9, 2007
Forest Grove, OR
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I interviewed at Pacific yesterday and my tour was given by a third year. He told me that he has a friend in medical school and that for the first two years of OD school/MD school, the core science classes were almost identical.

As far as the jump from undergrad to OD school goes...

The optometrist that I shadowed (Pacific grad in '88) said that the jump in difficulty from undergrad to OD school was about the same as the jump in difficulty between HS and undergrad.


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Feb 14, 2007
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Med school, dental school, and optometry school are very similar from what I hear from colleagues who have multiple degrees. One thought the optometry boards harder than the medical board tests but similar overall. All those mathmatical optics questions mixed in with systemic physiology etc can get ya! :eek: Several schools have combined classes where the different professions take them together.

I don't know why amount of studying would steer you one way or another. Go to the school that lets you do what you want to do whatever that is.
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