How hard is the pcat material wise?

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Jun 14, 2017
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I've done the Kaplan, Collins, and Pearson tests. Collins seems to be the "easiest" in terms of one step questions for each subunit. Kaplan was horrible. Pearson is good and I have gotten in the 80-99 composite for everything except reading (although I did use a couple explanations to get the correct answer on 3-4 questions a piece). Anyway I have a 4.0 in undergrad but I'm still stressing so hard. What are my honest chances of doing really good?

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Hey Stabler,

I totally agree with everything you mentioned regarding the practice tests offered by those, mostly used, references. And I cant stress enough how much I agree on the level of difficulty of each of them. I did exactly like you on everything, and terrible on the CR. One thing to mention is that I did better on the CR offered by Kaplan than Pearson's, which is crazy, if you ask me, coming from the overall level of difficulty. I rested the Kaplan practice test, and I will try my luck tomorrow to see if I got any better lol

I have a GPA of 3.85, 2+ years of pharmacy experience, Dean's List, Phi Theta Kappa, Higher Honers Associate Degree in Health Science, and more honor societies, YET I am as stressed as you are, maybe even more lol

Not much of a help I did here, but just to show you that we are in this together :/

I am taking the test July 18th, and I will keep you posted.

Good luck!
Kaplan mirrors the actual test, however when I took it I noticed some questions from the practice pearson exam were on there verbatim .
It varies alot. Actual test have multiple form for each section. Some form are more difficult than others. Just be honest with yourself on the pearsons exams.