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How important are essays (prs stmt & secondaries)?

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by 6-8 Weeks, Aug 28, 2001.

  1. 6-8 Weeks

    6-8 Weeks Senior Member 7+ Year Member

    Jul 9, 2001
    Just how important are our personal statement and secondary essays? I feel that after doing so many secondaries, I really have a better understanding of myself and now write secondaries that are stronger than my personal statement. I'm just a little worried now that I look at my personal statement, I don't think it is a strong anymore, anyone notice this as well?
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  3. mpp

    mpp SDN Moderator Moderator Emeritus 10+ Year Member

    Jan 17, 2001
    Portland, OR
    Most definitely.
  4. synite

    synite Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    May 20, 2001
    i wouldn't worry, since probably most people feel the same way. you know how it write something and think it's great. then look at it next week and know how to improve it. look at it a week later, know how to improve it....
  5. TwoSteveSquared

    TwoSteveSquared Senior Member 7+ Year Member

    Jun 22, 2001
    Los Angeles
    I totally agree. My secondaries look way better now than before. I don't even like my personal statement anymore. But, I am starting to actually enjoy writing secondaries at this point. Wierd? Whatever. How often do you get to write/talk about your self anyway? Guess my ego needed a little feeding. That's good, because I'm about to get crushed come rejection time.
    It's sad, but if you are a bad ass, you might get 4 or 5 acceptances, and 20 rejections. Ouch.

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