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Jan 2, 2015
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I am currently an M1. I am interested in surgical subspecialties (especially ENT or urology), but obviously as an M1 I really have no idea what I would want to be. Obviously it would be nice to wait, but I feel as though I need to start working now if I want to match in those types of specialties.

Anyway, this summer I have the opportunity to go to a Central American country where, based on the experiences of past students, I should be able to get 1-3 publications. I am very excited to do this, but I could also be pursuing other research at my school this summer. So, will this matter in the long run? Is research that is relevant to the field important, or are they just looking for a commitment to academics?



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Oct 20, 2005
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At your stage, you should expose yourself to as many experiences as possible, like going to Central America. If you get publications out of it, all the better. Who knows, maybe your publication can be related to cleft palate repair, or even more so, you may leave wanting to do ID instead.

As far as the type of publication and field of research, I suppose for residency it helps to publish in a field you are applying for, but doing extracurriculars will be looked on favorably no matter what the subject because it shows extra effort.