How long do you have to live in a state to get state preference for med schools?

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Mar 4, 2007
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MCAT=34R, P=10, V=11, B=13
UC Berkeley
Extracir= 1 yr volunteering at Hospital and with Sports Medicine Program, many jobs (had to support myself and family during college), fraternity, government organization, created tutoring company, lots of tutoring experience
Biggest Negative= Lack of research experience due to the fact that I had to work 30-40 hr/week for jobs

I just received a job offer from an investment bank in NYC, and was thinking about taking it so that I could get instate preference for med schools in the New York/New Jersey area. Does anyone now how long you have to live in these areas to get state residency. Like probably many of you, I am a CA resident, and applied to 30+ schools for 2006/2007 cycle. Unfortunately, I have not received any interviews, and am thinking of taking this job offer, while reapplying for next year. Does the instate requirements vary per school, and if so, what are the usual requirements? Thanks for the help.

..-Frustrated Premed Applicant.
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