Pharmacy How long does it take PharmCAS to process and then hear from schools?

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Hello everyone,

how long does it take for PharmCAS to verify your application? I submitted my applications for a few schools over the weekend. PharmCAS status shows : complete.

Also, once they submit the application to those schools, how long does it take to usually hear back if I got chosen to interview?

lastly, my pre req gpa for
chem 1/2, o chem 1/2, microbiology, Econ, English, stats, calc, physics, anatomy/physio = 3.87

but my overall GPA is at 3.02.. should I be worried??

thank you!!!
It depends on what is uploaded. It can take a month for complicated ones. Your cGPA is low, but getting in is not terribly hard even at state schools.


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Oct 13, 2014
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PharmCAS processing can take 2-3 weeks. It'll take longer if the courses you type in to PharmCAS do not 100% reflect your college transcripts. This is mostly due to course titles - numbers. For example, if the transcript says BIOL 265 but you submit it as "BIO 265" or "BIOLOGY 265" they'll kick it back and ask you to update it. One or two errors is not a problem if your consistent with the rest. This is typically a main reason the processing can take a bit of time as well as any other attachments that have been uploaded.

Hearing back from a specific program may vary. Some programs require a secondary application linked to their school without going through PharmCAS while others do not have that independent process. Some individuals hear back within the week of their application being processed while others may take longer depending on the season of rolling admissions and other variable factors. Though rare, some programs have a waitlist-to-interview process that they'll email out to specific applicants.

Although I agree your cGPA is on the low-end, your prerequisites will suffice in getting possible acceptances to many programs. Unfortunately the competitiveness of ones GPA now is nothing compared to how it was 10-15 years ago.
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