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how long will it take.....

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by ruraldr2b, Sep 25, 2002.

  1. ruraldr2b

    ruraldr2b ruraldoc
    7+ Year Member

    Jul 31, 2002
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    To all who have already submitted your AMCAS apps. How long does it take them to send it to your designated schools? Still waiting on August scores but want to get my application sent out tomorrow. Thanks
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  2. Mike59

    Mike59 Sweatshop FP in Ontario
    7+ Year Member

    Nov 19, 2001
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    I'm a fellow August MCATer also.

    Here were my dates:
    Certified 6/16
    Processed: 7/01
    My app was transmitted to most schools within 2-3 weeks.

    I've heard that this is time where apps are coming to AMCAS in floods, so don't be surprised if your times differ significantly. I'm guessing its probably 4-6 weeks between AMCAS submission and processing at this point.

    Good luck!

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