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How many Fls per week?


Happy on 5-HT
10+ Year Member
  • Aug 13, 2008
    1. Fellow [Any Field]
      Probably 1-2 per week. I'm doing one every 6 days.

      You should take a day after the test to review it and take a break from the grind of studying. Burn-out is no fun :(

      My schedule is:

      Day 1: Review a FL
      Days 2,3,4,5: Study!!
      Day 6: Take another FL

      Personally I can't imagine taking them any more often than this.
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      Captain Sisko

      U.S.S. Defiant
      Sep 30, 2012
      1. Medical Student
        I am doing 3 Kaplan FLs per week. Is that too many per week?

        there is some value in practice tests, don't get me wrong, but i find most of the value is in going over the test to see what i got wrong, and then reviewing any troublesome topics. if you can do all of that on top of a practice exam every other day, i suppose that works. for me, though, I'm not focused enough to even try. I'm doing two tests a week for the remainder, but that'll probably slip a little.


        Full Member
        Apr 17, 2011
        1. Pre-Medical
          I did four/week in the two weeks before the test. In retrospect, I should've timed out my schedule a bit better and done only two/week over a month. If you take the practice test seriously, it can leave you just as mentally exhausted as the real thing.

          i am doing 2 per week for 2 months...hopefully it'll get me a good enough score (a double digit score starting with a 3)
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