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Jun 19, 2004
Realistically, if you give it your all and do lots of practice problems, tests, etc. how much can your score increase in 1 month?


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Jan 4, 2005
The answer definitely depends on the person. The more intelligent you are, and the more skilled you are at developing strategies at standardized tests, the more rapidly your score will improve. Also, things you have forgotten are more easily learned than things you never understood. This has a dramatic effect on how rapidly material can be absorbed(and its one of the reasons people have the most trouble improving verbal scores - they never learned how to do it)

Recognizing that anything is possible, I'd say you could go from a 20 to a 40 in a month.

Being realistic, I'd speculate that the probability of improving by more than 10 points is less than 50%, even with 5 hr a day studying. But even this probability depends on where you're at already. The lower your starting score is, the easier it will be to improve. If you've already got 36s, it is literally impossible to improve your score by 10 points in any amount of time.

I think that total score of 25 with decent extracurriculars is good enough to get into a medium to low end med school. Especially if you're a minority. I also think pretty much anyone that is capable of finishing the required basic science courses can still easily get a 25 or better in a month of study. If these ppl could study with focus 3-4 hrs a day from here til apr 16, then I'd say most of them would get at least 30s. Most ppl just don't spend that much time studying, except on SDN, where almost everyone has 30+ (>80th pct.).

People start studying at 2 months because it is more accomodating to their schedule or they are chasing 40+, not because its required to get into medic

remember: a balanced 27-30 in april is about as good as a 32-34 in august if you plan on applying to schools with rolling admissions (most med schools) for next year.