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Psychology How many programs should I apply to?

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Oct 14, 2011
  1. Academic Administration
I have my B.S. in psychology from Fordham University and I am currently getting my master’s in forensic psychology. I will be applying to PsyD programs for the fall of 2021. I have spoken to others in my program and people who are PhD’s and they are saying that they applied to 15 programs. I know that PhD’s are more competitive than PsyD programs, so I am wondering if I need to be applying to that many. I have a list of 14, but I don’t know if I should narrow it down.
I don't think that clinical psychology PsyD programs have a common application, so depending on where you are looking and based on the advice you may get from your advisors/references, over 10 probably is a good target. You may want to check on current students at programs you're thinking about on their advice for applying.
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