how many unfilled spots this year on Black monday?

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Apr 30, 2002
  1. Attending Physician
    ortholsu said:
    just trying to get a feel for how many spots when unfilled initially this year on black monday...

    52 unfilled (compared to 89 unfilled in 2004, 53 in 2003, 57 in 2002, and 131 in 2001) It was, percentage-wise based on numbers matching versus spots offered in the match, the most competitive year in the last five years. Whether this means more people applied, applicants ranked more programs, or programs went "deeper" into their rank lists, I'm not sure.

    ortholsu said:
    ... and then how many of those spots ended up filling?

    At this point, I imagine that all of them have filled. No way to independently verify that at this point, except perhaps by someone who had to scramble and is willing to (at the very least) post what the results were at the end of the scramble.

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