How much Clinical experience is enough?

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Jun 22, 2008
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I know the adage is once you think you have done enough, do some more. I have no intentions of ceasing to do clinical vollunteering once I reach some "magical number" of hours or anything. However, speaking in general terms, how many hours does the average accepted individual have?

Let's use where I expect to be hours wise by application time next year as the starting point. This is excluding other volunteering and focusing just on clinical related stuff.

Volunteered at a local hospital in the ER: 43 hours
Shadowed a Dermatologist via summer internship: 25 hours
Volunteering at a local clinic with a lot of patient contact (uninsured clientele): 100 hours
Other Shadowing of various practitioners (lets say 2-3 others): 25 hours

If I don't include High school clinical exposure (although I did have around 80 hours at a clinic in high school) that adds up to approximately 190 - 200 hours give or take.

I realize this is only part of the larger equation, but for people interested in this part, like me, how does this stand up to the averages?

Thanks in advance