How much do you have to lift for AF MEPS?

Discussion in 'Military Medicine' started by caniac, Dec 14, 2009.

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  1. caniac

    caniac 2+ Year Member

    Jun 8, 2009
    Hi everyone,

    I'm taking my MEPS physical next week, and I've read that AF Standards require a lift of some sort. Looking online, I've heard it described as both a deadlift and overhead lift. Can anyone tell me a) what kind of lift it is (it sounds like it could be a snatch or clean and jerk) and b) how much you had to lift.

    Also, are the lifting standards different for males/females? I'm female btw.

    Thanks very much.
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  3. Gatorfan44

    Gatorfan44 7+ Year Member

    Feb 16, 2009
    don't hold me to this, but when I did it back in 91, it wasn't very heavy and it was more like a clean and then a standing overhead press (whatever's that's called). it wasn't free-weights though, it was a maching of some kind. don't know about the male/female standards, but I was 6'6" and about 165lbs back then and never touched a weight, but I easily lifted it. when I went back for my commissioning physical in 2002, I don't remember doing it, but I was about 250 then and very strong, so maybe I just forgot. anyway, I wouldn't worry about...and I'm not even sure they still do it.
  4. AFDuck

    AFDuck 7+ Year Member

    Apr 4, 2007
    When I did my AF MEPS physical about 3 years ago there was no lifting component, just ht, wt, a very quick & superficial physical exam, blood work/tox(?), UA, and some silly calisthenics exercises. I could be forgetting something but I know there wasn't lifting involved. Fitness testing is a part of COT, I guess thats where they defer that part of your evaluation.
  5. teacherman84

    teacherman84 7+ Year Member

    Jun 27, 2008
    Air Force
    I went through it a couple months ago and there is no lifting at all. Still as AFDuck described. MEPS is screening for health in general, not physical abilities. Well and maybe patience as there is a good portion of a day spent sitting and standing around and waiting for a physical that could probably be accomplished in under an hour.

    The fitness portion is at COT and the focus there is run time and # of push ups and sit ups. My mom continues to score excellent on her PT tests at almost 50 y/o so I wouldnt be too concerned as long as youre in decent shape.
  6. Jolie South

    Jolie South is invoking Domo. . . Moderator Emeritus 10+ Year Member

    Yea, no physical component when I did it a couple of years back.

    The bolded part for sure too. I had an awful day at MEPS. I went to a huge enlisted processing center and was the only officer up for a physical. I've been told that this is uncommon for direct commissions, but I'd be prepared to be there for the whole day.

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