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Aug 16, 2005
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So I've already applied and have started to receive some Interview offers from the Texas schools I have applied to. However, I also applied to various other schools via AMCAS and my app is currently complete and sent off to each school. My question is, some of my interviews will undoubtedly occur in January or later of next year. With this in mind, will I have to send my final grades for this semester in time for these interviews? Basically, can my grades drop (even just a little bit) this and next semester? Will medical schools use the Senior Fall and Spring semesters in determination of whether I get it in or not? Furthermore, what grounds are sufficient grade wise for your senior year to warrant a withdrawal of medical school acceptance? Would these policy differ for, say, Harvard or Johns Hopkins in comparison to the Texas schools? Thanks,

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Mar 20, 2005
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Schools will ask for a final transcript before you matriculate. Many require that you not fail any course...but i think its ok to slip. On the other hand, i would be wary of letting your grades fall too much...you can never be too sure if you dont make it this year and have to reapply. It would suck to have a 3.8 through your junior year and then finish with a 3.1
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