How much have u spent on books so far? (for med school)


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Mar 4, 2002
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I'll start.

Started classes: Aug 12, 2002
Number of books bought: 3 (dissector, atlas, and case studies in anatomy)
Promotional Discount -$13.08
Merchandise Subtotal $117.60
Shipping & Handling $0.00
Total $117.60

Barnes &
10% Off w/ $40.00 Purchase
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i cant translate stupid
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Jul 26, 2000
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$500 easy. you can buy class notes for all the courses in bound format, plus i bought all the books (i've never seen this crap before, i'm a physical chemist not a biologist, heh). anyhow, it's not too bad so far.
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Feb 8, 2002
Netter Atlas - $65
Syllabi - $49

TOTAL: $114

This is all I'll need for about two months, afterwhich I'll have to purchase the next block's syllabus and maybe a good physio and path text...we'll see..the MSII's keep saying that the syllabi are all that you need.
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