Aug 5, 2009
Before anything, I'd like to say hi! I've followed these boards for a long time now, but never got around to signing up. Its amazing what that lil search bar can do!

I'll try to keep this as short as I can.
I live in Michigan, and I'm hoping for med schools here..

I graduated high school 3.4 gpa
Got an ok start in college with a 3.3 my first year.
I transfered to an engineering college the next 2 years, and was pretty much miserable there (long story) and finally left with a 2.65
I came back to my hometown university and in the past year and a half racked up a 3.5, got licensed as an EMT-B and started working for a fire station and am doing hypertension research in a biochem lab, and got a little bit of volunteer work in at a clinic.

I just got my MCAT back: PS-12 VR-8 BS-11 WS-O for a 31O, overall.

I realize that my first 3 years of college sucked badly. I've tried my best to right my past wrongs as best I could and overextended myself a few times (taking 1 class, 2 labs and the MCAT plus working in the same summer semester was probably a bad idea, retrospectively).

Since starting college: cGPA=3.2 and sGPA=2.9

Since coming home and going premed: cGPA:3.4 sGPA:3.5

My question: should I apply this year? I really want to go to Wayne State or Michigan State (MD), and past that, I'm not too picky, as long as its not Carribean. Do I have a decent shot at a decent med school, being that I've only found my calling a year and a half ago? Or have I not "proven" myself sufficiently? How big a role do upward trends play? Sending out the application at the end of August too late?

Questions? Comments? Comic relief?