How Much O-Chem is on Chemistry Section?

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Jun 14, 2009
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I noticed in my Kaplan book that there is hardly any O-Chem (just 1 out of 8 sections) but saw in another book that said 40% of the Chemistry section is on O-Chem. I'm not sure if the book that says this is outdated. Does anyone know what percentage of the Chem section is over O-Chem stuff? Honestly, I would rather do this stuff than general chem because it involves less math equations by hand.

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i haven't taken orgo II, and i took orgo I over the summer via an accelerated 5 week course. although the orgo was pretty simple to most people, it was definitely the hardest part of the chem section for me and there was some material i had never seen before/was not covered in kaplan. every school has their own schedule for orgo though. in other words, each school covers different chapters during the first semester and most skip around. most schools will advise you to at least be enrolled in orgo I before taking the PCAT, but i would suggest taking the full year if you have the option because my orgo I course was insufficient by itself and i'm probably not alone.
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I agree. I had a full year of ochem before pcat. I'm shocked that they suggest "at least one semester". Most of the ochem material was from second semester, at least from the way my school taught it. I wouldn't advise anyone to take the pcat without a full year of organic if they want a strong chemistry score.