How much of a disadvantage am I at?


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May 5, 2005

    I went to Community College for 3 years, now I'm finishing up my degree at UCSB for the remaining 2 (total of 5).

    I had to work throughout Community College so I couldn't take an insane course load and get everything done in 2 years. Although I did complete all my pre-reqs there besides for Ochem2/Ochem3.

    So the only "science" courses I have taken at the University are Ochem2/Ochem3. I got a B+ in the first one and *hopefully* I will get an A in the second.

    Do the ADCOMS even going to consider my CC grades as legitimate? I had ~3.7 GPA at CC and now I have ~3.5 GPA at UCSB.

    Am I at a disadv for going to CC?


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    Dec 4, 2006
    1. Pre-Dental
      There are schools that don't accept Community College credits. For example Tufts. Tufts will make you retake the course even if you are already accepted to their program. So just do some research before you submit your application. Good luck.
      I can safely say you that as long as you keep your CC credits to 60 and you have 30 units from a 4 year institution, you're good to go. Tuft is the only school that accepts no credits from CC which is very unfortunate. Nonetheless, CC is a college, as long as you do well in CC and do well when you transfer and score high on DAT, it shouldn't affect your chance. :D What's done is done, besides I really think CC is good opportunity for many people out there who doesn't want to spend 30 grand every year.
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      Apr 13, 2006
      1. Non-Student
        Pitt also doesn't take CC credits, and BU isn't too fond of ithem either.

        Other then those few schools, you should be fine. I did the same 3 years you did (1 was during high school though) and I managed to get in, so you should be fine assuming everything else is normal.


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        Jan 9, 2007
        1. Pre-Dental
          Below is a direct quote from UIC's website.

          "The Admissions committee strongly prefers that the prerequisite science courses be taken at a four-year United States College/University."

          Do people get accepted into dental school with community college courses . . . sure.

          Just be sure to research the schools you plan to apply to and increase your chances by picking schools that don't place a high emphasis on four-year college/university credits.
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