General How should I go about re-application after SMP?

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Jun 11, 2010
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    I am currently enrolled in an SMP with a linkage. I sent in my apps to about 20 DO schools this fall and it’s looking like I am not going to end up with an acceptance. I did have one interview back in September but that ended in a rejection. My fall semester grades were terrible due to having one C in a high credit course. The rest of my fall semester grades were 4 As and one B. Now in spring semester I increased my course load and currently have all As. I am probably going to end the year with a 3.45 gpa which isn’t great. Currently I’m waitlisted from my SMPs med school, but I don’t think I will be pulled off the waitlist.

    Now I am trying to plan to reapply. I was wondering how my poor fall grades are going to affect me now that am going to reapply. What next step should I take ?

    My undergrad stats are 3.0 sgpa and cgpa.
    I have lots of volunteering and experience as CNA. I am URM -AA and have lot of service w/ in underserved areas. My MCAT was a 490 but retook last summer and got a 500.

    Is it worth it to reapply to DO schools again?
    It's your only hope of being a doctor, alas.

    You need to get insight from your SMP Faculty about your poor luck. BUT, your school might simply be waiting for the spring grades to See if the Fall was a fluke
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