Medical How should I handle IA moving forward?

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Jun 11, 2010
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To get to the point, this last summer I received an IA for using Chegg to help with an online quiz in an intro - CS class. To summarize, I was charged with cheating and plagiarism, cheating for using an authorized source, and plagiarism for not citing it. I've tried to take remedial actions to display that I've learned from my mistakes by entering positions of responsibility and serving my community.

I wanted to ask if it would help my application if I were to reconnect with the professor whose class I cheated in and ask for a LOR when it comes to applying. For some background info, a professor is generally an easy-going person but (as expected) has no tolerance for people violating the rules of his classroom and the university. Finally, I would be more than open to any advice you have regarding activities/positions to help show that I have learned from the mistake.

I really appreciate any help you can provide.
Getting a LOR from the professor in whose class you cheated will go a very long way to minimizing the effect of the IA.
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