Medical How should I list "Awards/Honors" on AMCAS Activities?

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Sep 4, 2006
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I'm trying to decide on whether it's worth it to dedicate one of my activities to awards/honors. I have 15 activities to place in the activity section, but I'm uncertain on if awards/honors would be worth displacing any of them.

My awards/honors would be me listing Phi Beta Kappa, 1 journal publication, 2 abstracts and subsequent 2 posters presented at an international conference (in Toronto, CA). Initially, I was going to include these research things in my research's most meaningful section. Not sure if Phi Beta Kappa is worth mentioning.

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
I think that the research-related items would fit better if included under the affiliated Research tab plus a Publications entry (which could include posters and abstracts related to the same project as the pub). Phi Beta Kappa IS worth listing, but isn't necessary when your GPA will speak of your academic prowess for you.

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