How the ANA does nothing to market you as NP or APN.

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Mar 25, 2000
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My wife and I just moved to KC, MO. We were both nurses where we previously lived. She just finished her masters in adult health and just passed her boards for her Advanced Practice liscense. I got into med school, and I tried to talk her out of going into the masters program and going to med school, but she was so set on continuing her nursing education. She now regrets it totally. The ANA and masters programs blow smoke up you about all of the job opportunities and the great money you will make. Well when she graduated the market where we came from sucked. She and her friends could not find postitions, but we thought not to worry when we get to a large town like KC we are sure to find her a job. Well think again. When we got here she went to the biggest medical headhunter company in this town and they did not even know what a Advanced Practice Nurse was!!!!! Not to mention there were no jobs available anywhere for NP's (APN's), and if you did happen to stumble across one every once and a while it paid 30-35,000 a year. Well big SH#T, you can make that as a floor nurse. She is going to have to take a PRN position just so she can make a little more money and start paying back the loans on that usless degree. That just goes to show how the ANA markets their nurses, and how these programs will fill your head full of crap about how great the future of nursing is, and about all of your great opportunities. I am so sick of the nursing profession and how it uses people up, I could SCREAM!!!!!