General How to approach research cold emailing?

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Mar 22, 2021
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hello community!

i've drafted 20 cold emails to be sent a week before classes start at my uni. should i send all 20 at once or send 5 a week? pros/ cons of each? i have prior research experience with a publication, so am unsure about how many responses and (hopefully) acceptances to labs i'll get.

also, should i send them a week before classes start or earlier? i'm a freshman btw

thanks :)

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I would not start working in a lab until you’ve established your ability to succeed at the rigor of college (a month or so). But whenever you reach out I would do no more than 2-3 at a time, and ask to meet to discuss research not outright to join lab. I would not join a lab without meeting the PI in person and ensuring you know what you’re getting into
Would send 5 at a time and would also wait until you figure out how you are going to succeed in courses first. This will dictate how much time you can devote to research. Classes > research.
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