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Oct 3, 2007
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So I decided to start this thread to give something back to this great student doctor network website, the friends and visitors alike. This is for all the pre-meds out there. I hope you can gain good knowledge of how to choose proper medical school not just a diploma mill.

Please watch for these good points and ask these following questions to a foreign medical school, if you are seriously thinking about going to be a med student at a particular medical school, whether it is Caribbean,European,Australian,African or Asian medical schools.

-Online coursework schools, should raise a red flag and it should be a BIG no no lolz.

-Check for accreditation WHO,ECFMG, International Medical Education Directory (IMED), American state accreditation etc.,

-Please make sure my friends that a school has a very strong showing in
residency matching back home in States, and most school list their resident match list on their website esp the one's in Caribbean.

-Good USMLE passing rate.

-ACGME clinical rotations done in states, esp for the Caribbean school and even some European and Asian schools.

-Ask them how many States can I not practice after graduation from your

-Is your school banned by any state medical board? This is a very important question.

-Federal loans or what other option for loans does a student have?

Hope I covered all the major important points and questions, kindly feel free to add any important info which I missed, I'm far from perfect lolz.

Thanks a lot and good luck to everyone.


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Mar 3, 2006
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I agree 100%


WHO IMED school

Clinicals at Hospitals that have residency programs (Green Book) this is your job even after at the school there are a few at even the Big four that had problems with green book.

The Banning thing is simply, is the School on a Dissaproved list for a state?
If so then know the risk is a little greater that in the future the school may be on the list on other states. Schools want to spin this and say this is no big deal, but there are not borrowing a quarter Million like you are !
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