How to formulate a school list without an MCAT score?


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May 22, 2020
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First off, I apologize if I missed a whole thread on this - I have checked old posts as well as the wiki + SDN and I haven't found much info. I am applying to med school this cycle, however COVID meant I couldn't take the MCAT until last week. I won't be receiving my score until July 14th, and I would like to have my school list formulated by then, so I can apply 1-2 days after receiving my score. I am also going to start working on my secondaries so I can submit them in a timely manner.

The "problem" I have run into while looking at schools is that my cum GPA is a 4.0, meaning that I can't exactly filter by GPA. I was hoping for a 520+ MCAT (FL4 I got a 524), but honestly I don't feel that good about the test so I don't know. So far I have went through and took off every school that is not OOS friendly, however that still leaves me with 60+ schools (I am a Michigan resident.)

Does anyone have any advice/links to advice they can send my way? Due to my high GPA I can't filter out schools based on GPA, and frankly I have no clue how to start narrowing them down. I was thinking once I get to around 30 schools I can start researching each one individually (their mission, etc), however I don't have time to do that for 80 schools. Also this isn't a humblebrag hoping that you guys will gas me up on my chances to get into a good school, I'm genuinely lost and hope you guys can provide some guidance. I have my stats typed out already, let me know if it would be pertinent to include.

I want to reiterate that I know it is hard to come up with an exact list without an actual score. I am just hoping that I will be able to come up with a general direction, and when I get my score I will be able to send all the apps out 1/2 days after. I'm not posting this in a WAMC thread since I don't even have a list of schools to start off with, I'm so lost and getting overwhelmed :/
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Mar 28, 2018
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Like above, we would need the actual score but we also have essentially no metrics with which to provide a school list at this time even with a hypothetical score of 520 as you've provided no information
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