Jul 28, 2014
Hey SDN, don't post much on here, but I was accepted by a few SMPs and I finally chose one close to family and S/O, very cheap (in-state resident), and a place I have had linkage to all my life (i.e. convenience.) The SMP does not guarantee any class spots for the MS students. However, if you have a 3.5+ GPA, (according to the medical school admissions office,) "you will have a very strong chance for an interview, regardless of undergraduate GPA."

My question is, aside from working my ass off to make a 4.0 and (possibly) retaking the MCAT (509, even), what should I do to better my chances to secure an interview and (hopefully) land an acceptance? Should I keep in contact with adcoms? There are also affiliated research opportunities available to MS students (though preference is given to MD and PhD students.) Should I try to get in on that as well? I have done 1.5 years of neuro research, if that helps.