How to go about group study for boards


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Aug 10, 2003
    I was wondering for those that did group study or those doing it now how you set it up. My 2 best friends we have always got together and had pimp sessions before every exam in the first 2 years. We want to use that same approach for the boards as well.
    Wanted to hear about peoples past experiences with this and how you went about it. We want to try to figure some way where we can get on the computer and go through Q bank and other question banks plus go through flash cards and such.

    Any other ideas or experiences would be helpful..


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    Feb 1, 2004
      I had a few classmates who used to get together after studying all day for dinner and reading each other cases from the UCV case and discussing them. I heard a rumor that one of my classmates even tried to make a trivia pursuit game out of USMLE questions too. I'd just keep studying with your 2 best friends the same way that you have been studying for past tests. You should each have your study alone time where you are working on questions and reading, but you can all go over the same topic everyday and work in the same area so that you can ask each other questions. At the end of the day, you guys can practice pimping each other or something. Good luck!


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      Apr 6, 2000
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        My friend and I have been having cram sessions before all of our tests for the first 2 years as well.......

        We are planning on studying together (motivation if nothing else).

        For example we will probably read a chapter of 2 of BRS path and then do questions out of Robbins review book over that material and then discuss them...........then look at the answers etc....

        several of our upperclassmen friends did this approach and all scored in the 240's!

        i can only dream.........

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