How to improve my application?


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  • Jul 14, 2005
      1)You need at least 200 hours of clinical experience. This can be either volunteer or employment. You also need 50 hours of shadowing. A good bit of that should be with a primary care doc. You also need at least 200 hours of nonclinical volunteering to the unserved/underserved in your community. You probably want to seriously think about a gap year.
      2)I have no idea but if you do a search of the SDN forums you might find some information on this topic
      3)Who paid you? Who was your supervisor?
      4) If you apply to American med schools you absolutely need clinical experience, shadowing and nonclinical volunteering. To apply without those expected activities would be foolish.
      Good luck on the MCAT!
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      Jul 3, 2020
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        Thank you so much for your feedback @candbgirl !

        for 3), I didnt have any supervisor. I was literally finding students on the internet on my own and doing skype calls or in person tutoring with them. It was under no organization. So I dont really know who should I put in as a verifier. Can I just put in one of my students as one?


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        Oct 14, 2011
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          Obviously you know you're not ready just coming off sophomore year. You need experience hours in clinical settings (volunteer or paid). You ate not obligated to apply soon after you are done with junior year; that is a myth that is still widely held. Apply when you are ready with solid experience, references, and metrics.
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