How to Obtain a job in the Health Care Field??? HELP!!!!

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Jun 20, 2009
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Hello Everyone-

As you guys might have read, I am in the process of leaving my QA job and find a job in the health care field where I can accumulate my hrs and gain further med experience.

The problem is that I cant find jobs in health care that I could apply for. I have my EMT-1 and CNA so the ideal job would be doing something in a hospital ER or in an urgent care; even working at a doctors office would be great.

What route should I take in terms of looking for a job as such? I have visited the hospitals websites, newspapers and nothing. I was thinking of sending my resume and a cover letter with my intentions to a few urgent care centers or doctor's offices and see what happens there. Most Doctors want MAs, but I am sure with my EMT-1 and CNA I can function as one and am always willing to learn or get trained on new things.

As I said, I dont know what approach to take to find a job doing what I mentioned above. I live in Central California (San Joaquin Valley), I thought I would note this for you guys.




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Feb 11, 2007
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Have you checked all the local hospitals? The ones in my area have over 50 postings for nurse aids, but called a variety of different things.

Patient Support Assistant
Patient Care Assistant
Patient Care Nursing Assistant

etc etc etc
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