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Jan 21, 2006
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hi folks. can anyone clarify how i am supposed to release my step 2 ck scores to schools?

when we originally submitted our sf match application, i paid the 65 bucks to have an official score report for step 1 sent to sf match, who i guess verified my score and then passed it along to programs.

i want to also submit my step 2 ck score to all my programs in general. at least one program has asked that i have my score sent to them and gave me an address to have it sent to.

i updated my sf match app with my step 2 score, but how else should i update schools with my step 2 score? do i request an official score report, and then have it sent to each school individually? that would be like 65 bucks + more if i sent it to like 10 programs.

sorry for the dumb question, any help is much appreciated.


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Jul 17, 2008
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Don't pay the $65 yet, contact the SF match and ask they will be able to distribute your score to the programs. You can print your report and mail it to them. If the SF match doesn't distribute then I would say email your report to the coordinators. I asked the coordinator at my home program and I was told I can just email the pdf report.