how to start residency in UK as an IMG+ EU citizen who just got Full registration with the GMC

Aug 5, 2016
I m a citizen of france and an IMG. I have completed my 2 years internship and got the full registration with the GMC in UK. I need to know please how is the process to get into the specialty program.


2+ Year Member
Aug 11, 2016
It's not as easy as it was.

You need to pass an English test with quite high scores before anyone will give you a job, then you've got two choices.

UK postgraduate training starts with a broad-based foundation programme (6 four month posts), these are designed for UK graduates and quite difficult to get into for IMG - being an EU citizen will help however. A certificate showing that you've completed this programme (or have a large number of general competencies that have been formally assessed) is required to enter any training programme. A way into the system would be taking some locum/service positions for a year or two while you build up a portfolio.

Speciality training is 6-8 years (frequently takes longer), quite bureaucratic and tends to involve a higher service element than most European systems. It is possible to have a successful career in the UK without ever going through a formal training programme, particularly in hard to fill specialities (Emergency Medicine, General Medicine etc)

Good luck