said sadoun

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Sep 18, 2004
Hi , dear foreign dentist,
I'm foreign dentist from Egypt ,now days I study NBDE part one and part tow.
I already have Kaplan, dental decks and realize exam. and study TOEFL .now I stay in Egypt.
• as I want to admit to (advanced education any general dentistry ,or general practice residency or any specialty program in public school that give stipend to foreign dentist,)
• as I know the competition to admit to this program is very high,
and as I know NBDE have no any value any Arab country if I returned back to my home country.
• as I know I can not work or find any one wow hire me as foreign dentist with out work permit.
so please.
please advise me what can I do. to stay in USA to get more chance to search to tray admit to another program after I finish my NBDE part 1and 2
I'm very confused about thinking in this problem
Thank you .dr/said sadoun