How tough is physics on the MCAT?

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Jul 5, 2012
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I think it's pretty important. It's the hardest part IMO because you have to memorize all the formulas and small concepts. I'd say even BS is easier than Physics because despite all the content you need to know for BS, the BS section on the MCAT is mostly more on the reading comp/inference. But if you don't know V = IR, you'll never find the voltage drop across a resistor (need to calculate total internal resistance first)

see what I mean?

It's just a lot of practice.


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Oct 28, 2012
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Please get so worked up about the VR that I don't have a good sense of the physics on the MCAT

Objective factors:
-All questions have to be on MCAT level, and there is a list of those topics in AAMC's Guide to the MCAT Exam. (If you are working with an MCAT prep company other than AAMC itself, and there is a difficult topic you are struggling with, make sure that topic is actually on the MCAT before spending any more time on it. AAMC tests how well you understand the few topics that are on the test. There is no point in studying topics not on the test.)
-AAMC practice tests are just old MCAT questions that have been retired. What you see is essentially what you get. (If you do all of the AAMC practice tests, you might notice some variation and many similarities.)
-Questions will be multiple choice (limits vagueness, usually provides units of answers).
-All questions must be answer-able with the information provided. (If what is being asked doesn't sound familiar because it wasn't in your MCAT physics book, then the answer is probably in the passage somewhere.)
-AAMC varies their tests so some have more chemistry, others more physics. Some focus more on one topic than another. Some are more calculation heavy, some aren't. There is no way to know for certain exactly what you will get ahead of time. Just remember that everyone else is in the same situation as far as that's concerned.