Medical How will medical student financial aid and enrollment be effected following leave of absence?

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Hello! Seeking information that I can't seem to find anywhere online.

The situation: I will be entering my third year of medical school following a leave of absence. At my school, you are not enrolled as a student during the leave of absence and thus loan go into repayment etc. I have begun the re-entry process with the Deans and Counselors at my school and I was told that I will not be enrolled until April but will be required to attend orientation and do assignments for Year 3 throughout the month of March. According to Financial Aid, I will not be eligible for aid (loan disbursement) until my enrollment is processed in April. This leaves a month gap where I will be paying for rent (I am out of state so I will be moving back to where my school is), clerkship materials, disability insurance (as required by the school), etc. without any financial assistance and without technically being enrolled and registered at the school.

The question: Are schools allowed, by the LCME and any other powers that be, to require full-time attendance and participation but without financial assistance prior to enrollment start?

Again, I can't seem to find an answer to this question anywhere I look. Any insights or guidance for where I can go to find this answer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
Those are two separate issues. The school can impose academic standards at any step, but it is up to you to figure out payment details. There is some backdating possibilities for federal loans, but when you took your leave of absence, there is usually language about this problem as it's a known headache. LCME will probably be silent as financial details are not curricular ones besides a "fair" policy for refunds.
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